Communicate with your Dog

If there is any animal in the world that deserves the utmost respect in terms of loyalty and usefulness; dogs are it.

Throughout history, dogs have been known to have exceptional intelligence and courage. For one, the only three survivors of the Titanic were actually dogs, while another dog, a German shepherd, led her blind companion for 2100 miles.

How to Feed Your Dogs Properly

There are many people who keep dogs but they do not know how to feed them properly. Dogs differ and they should be fed differently. Currently, there are many brands of dog foods. Each brand comes with specific nutrients that it supplies to the dog. As such, it is crucial that you learn about your dog first before feeding it on any type of food. Just like human beings, different dogs require varying amounts of certain nutrients. There are nutrients that many be essential for proper growth and overall health of one dog but unsuitable for another.

Feeding your dog a diet suited for their size

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes and we all have our own preferences as to what breeds and size of dogs we like. Some of us prefer the tiny breeds of dog that can be carried around in a handbag whilst others of us like to walk around with a bear of a dog which are taller than small children.

What breed and size of dog you have will have an effect on many things including the cost of medical care, the size of the toys you buy and the type of food you feed them. It is important that you buy food, toys and flea and worming treatments suitable for the size of your dog.

Quick Dog Training Tips

Quick Tips To Help In Training Your Dog

**Never train your dog when either of you are nervous or upset. Wait for a time when you are both feeling calm and happy to train. Training should always be a positive experience for both you and your dog.

The Best A Dog Can Get

As a young, beautiful dog around town, you want people to think only the best of you. That’s why you take care to look after your looks. You love the way people compliment your luscious coat, your beautiful eyes, your warm smile, and your general attractiveness.